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The Shapes of Water

  • The Nassau Club 6 Mercer Street Princeton, NJ, 08540 United States (map)

Tasha O’Neill’s journey as a photographer started with a walk along the D&R Canal in the middle of winter when she discovered that frost flowers had formed on the water overnight.

The two pictures that she took that morning were life altering in that they led her to nature and to observe and capture what others miss.

She seeks out snow, ice and frost, raindrops, dew and bubbles, water in motion or still. She takes special delight in finding reflections in puddles as she did on Campus one day when not only old dormitories but also a vibrant red leaf could be seen. Careful cropping brought out the scene even more vividly.

Then, she also likes to experiment by placing a flower in a wine glass and pouring fizzy water over it. The way the tiny bubbles adhere to the surface is much fun and brings out her inner child.

On a Christmas jaunt to the Pine Barrens, she and some friends came across the ethereal ice crystals on peaty shallow water.

Kingston in the snow and the stream full of dancing ballerina skirts was another revelation; the Great Blue Heron an extra surprise.

And then there was hoar frost on the bushes near Harrison St. Bridge one January morning. She was riveted when she saw this phenomenon, where under the right circumstances, fog freezes into ice crystals coating every surface it lands on. 

Summers in Maine play a big role in her life and several images were taken there; abstract reflections on ponds while kayaking, finding carnivorous plants and experimenting with them, memorializing a giant splash of ocean water, or water as it hits the rocks and smoothly flows down the surface.

Visitors may purchase her images, as well as note cards at the reception.

 Opening reception:

Sunday, Nov. 3 from 4-6 pm 

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